Academic Catalog

2023-2024 Edition

Mathematics and English Preparation and Requirements

Mathematics Requirement

LAPU offers Intermediate Algebra (MATH 099). A grade of C- (70 percent) or better must be earned in order to place into MATH 105, MATH 125, or STAT 280

MATH 099 does not count toward degree credit.

Math Placement

If your SAT math score is… If your ACT math score is… If your CLEP score is… Placement
600 or higher 26 or higher 50 or higher Math requirement is met.1
540-590 23-25 N/A MATH 099 is met, register for your Math course.
500-530 21-22 N/A Register for MATH 099
430-490 18-20 N/A Study Elementary Algebra2 before registering for MATH 099
420 or lower 17 or lower N/A Study both Pre-Algebra2 and Elementary Algebra2 before registering for MATH 099

The waiver of the math requirement by SAT or ACT exam score opens up an additional 3 credits of electives.

The fulfillment of the math requirement by CLEP score carries 3 credits as the equivalent of MATH 105 or MATH 125.


Not offered at LAPU.

Please take the preparatory subjects to MATH 099 as indicated in the chart above. Resources likely to offer the needed preparation for MATH 099 include:

  • Your local community college
  • California Virtual Campus: which lists online courses at California colleges and universities

Academic Research and Writing Requirement

LAPU offers ENGL 101 which prepares students for the ENGL 105 general education academic research and writing requirement.

English Placement

If your SAT verbal score is... If your ACT English score is... Placement
540 or higher 23 or higher ENGL 101 is waived, register for ENGL 105
530 or lower 22 or lower Register for ENGL 101