Academic Catalog

2023-2024 Edition


Welcome to Los Angeles Pacific University

The Los Angeles Pacific University catalog is an important resource and map for your academic journey. As you read through the pages of course descriptions, policies, and programs, you will soon discover the many opportunities available to you for learning at LAPU. Each session will move you closer to your academic goals while developing your faith and personal development. From the moment you begin until the day you graduate, you will know that we are a university aligned with our purpose, vision, and our core values (Exemplary, Caring, and Learning).

We take our purpose and mission seriously. As a community, we put all of our combined effort toward ensuring that we deliver a quality and accessible Christ-centered education to students everywhere. To support this mission, we seek to be a community that is exemplary by honoring God in our actions, attitudes, and aspirations. We believe that each student will, in the course of his or her journey with us, be exposed to a Christian worldview—a worldview that holds the value of each person in light of the purpose that God has given to him or her, a worldview that positions the history of humanity in the context of God’s eternal plan.

We are a caring community that seeks to serve with grace the needs of our colleagues and students. Serving others can be one of the most enriching experiences in life—for the giver and the receiver. We are committed to the value of caring and the reflection of opportunities to serve others as a core dimension of your LAPU learning experience. We are a learning community, continually seeking to nurture new thinking that generates and contributes to ongoing learning for all. We are dedicated to academic excellence. Our instructors are distinguished and learned men and women—gifted teachers with a commitment to a high standard of learning and academic excellence. 

I welcome you to this journey of integrating faith and scholarship. There are many challenges and opportunities waiting for you both as a student and as a Kingdom citizen. I pray that you will take advantage of all that God has given you to do and to become.

John C. Reynolds, Ph.D.