Academic Catalog

2021-2022 Edition

Credit Hours

In accordance with U.S. Department of Education regulations, an LAPU credit represents a minimum of 37.5 clock hours devoted to learning activities. This is an approximation of the time an average student spends doing course work, including time spent in the virtual classroom as well as outside activities. These activities (i.e., work) include, but are not limited to, web-based course lectures, reading, web-based discussions and presentations, live presentations, research, homework, studying, and web-based quizzes and exams.

The average student enrolled in one 8-week, 3-credit course will spend about 14 hours per week engaged in active learning (37.5 hours x 3 credits ÷ 8 weeks = 14 hours per week). Taking two courses simultaneously will require approximately 28 hours per week.

Laboratory courses are assigned one credit for each three hours of laboratory work (or its equivalent) per week per session.