Academic Catalog

2019-2020 Edition

Changes in Catalog Degree Requirements

Statements in the catalog are for informational purposes and should not be considered as the basis of a contractual agreement between the student and the university. The catalog contains prescriptive catalog requirements as well as descriptive catalog information.

Catalog Requirements

Within this catalog, the Academic Programs section is prescriptive and applies to all students while enrolled under this year’s catalog requirements. The student is responsible to fulfill the academic degree requirements of the catalog, as determined by the date of their initial semester enrollment or readmission. Students may opt to fulfill the program degree requirements introduced in a later catalog by petitioning. 

Catalog Information

All other sections are descriptive and apply during the academic year covered by this catalog; any changes to General Information, Academic and Support Services, Admission Policies, Financial Information, Academic Policies, Course Descriptions (including prerequisites), and Academic Calendar are effective in accordance with the most recent catalog printing until it is superseded by the next edition.