Academic Catalog

2023-2024 Edition

Concentration in Organizational Dynamics

The concentration in Organizational Dynamics builds upon the core leadership competencies and prepares students to specialize in designing and implementing innovative and strategic corporate-wide change initiatives designed to advance the organization’s sustainability and long-term viability. Students develop the key organizational skills necessary to analyze an industry and implement change initiatives to ensure a competitive advantage for the long-term viability of their firm or organization.


Requirement Title Credits
PSYC 105Introduction to Psychology3


Requirement Title Credits
BUSN 350Marketing and E-Commerce3
BUSN 395Project Management3
ISYS 380Information Systems Management3
ORGS 360Organizational Analysis3
PSYC 460Motivation3
Total Credits15

The Organizational Dynamics concentration may not be paired with the Bachelor of Business Administration degree or with the Bachelor of Science degrees in Digital Marketing, Information Systems, or Supply Chain Management.