Academic Catalog

2022-2023 Edition

Concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The Industrial/Organizational Psychology concentration instills a foundation for motivating, understanding organizational behavior, conflict management, and gender issues. This foundation equips students to engage in careers in human resources, employee support and training, and positions where customer relations are needed such as with insurance, benefits, sales, and customer service. This concentration lays a solid foundation prior to entry into a master’s program in business.


Requirement Title Credits
PSYC 105Introduction to Psychology3


Requirement Title Credits
BUSN 485Management and Organizational Behavior3
PSYC 455Conflict Management3
PSYC 460Motivation3
PSYC 470Positive Psychology3
PSYC 480Group Processes3
Total Credits15

The Industrial/Organizational Psychology concentration cannot be paired with the Applied Pastoral Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Criminal Behavior, Cultural Psychology, General Psychology, or Human Services concentrations.