Academic Catalog

2021-2022 Edition

Concentration in Organizational Leadership

The Organizational Leadership concentration provides students with skills, knowledge, and competencies essential for serving in leadership roles in for-profit, nonprofit, or governmental institutions. Domestic and multinational enterprises require leaders who possess the acumen to move organizations forward in a globally competitive marketplace. Students study theories of leadership and implement strategies designed to produce long-term sustainability with integrity and authenticity. The coursework prepares students to implement organization-wide change and position a firm to build competitive advantage with its people.


Requirement Title Credits
ORGS 350Leadership Ethics3
ORGS 400Leading Disruptive Innovation3
ORGS 420Human Resource Strategy3
ORGS 450Theory and Practice of Leadership3
ORGS 470Emotional Intelligence & Leaders3
Total Credits15

The Organizational Leadership concentration may not be paired with the Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership or with the Healthcare Leadership or Public Administration concentrations.