Academic Catalog

2023-2024 Edition


When entering into partnerships with partners that are not accredited schools in the US, LAPU retains sole responsibility for the following:

Outreach, Recruitment, Admission, and Enrollment     

  • Establishing the admissions criteria for students.
  • Making exceptions to admissions requirements.
  • Making final admissions decisions.

Course Development, Pedagogy, and Instruction     

  • Establishing degree programs, degree level, student learning outcomes, course objectives, and number of credits.
  • Reviewing and approving course content and program curriculum.
  • Conducting institution-mandated program review.
  • Awarding credit for prior or experiential learning.
  • Awarding and recording of academic credit and credentials.
  • Assessment of student learning (defining outcomes, analyzing and interpreting evidence, using information for improvement).
  • Assigning grades.

Academic Support and Student Services

  • Maintaining records of student performance.
  • Conducting degree audit (for LAPU degree-seeking students).
  • Deciding to retain or dismiss students.
  • Handling appeals and exceptions to academic policies and requirements.

Faculty Recruitment and Appointment

  • Selecting, approving, and appointing instructors.
  • Evaluating course instructors.

Current Partnerships

There are currently no partnerships in place for undergraduate international students.