Academic Catalog

2019-2020 Edition

About the University Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog Content

The academic catalog contains two types of content:

Catalog Requirements

General degree requirements and specific program requirements which pertain to students for as long as they are enrolled under this year’s catalog requirements (up to 10 years). Catalog requirements are contained in the Academic Programs section of the undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

Catalog Information

Policies and course descriptions which apply only during the academic year covered by the catalog. Catalog information is contained in the General Information, Academic and Support Services, Admission Policies, Financial Information, Academic Policies, Course Descriptions, and Academic Calendar sections of the catalogs.

Assistant Deans

Each academic program is overseen by an assistant dean (AD). When the catalog refers to an assistant dean, it means the person who is serving in that role for a particular program. The term does not refer to the person's official title, but to the role of overseeing a grouping of academic programs. Student Success Coaches will help students determine who their assistant dean is.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Except where otherwise specified, Grade Point Average (GPA) refers to the local GPA (courses attempted at LAPU) as opposed to the career GPA (courses attempted both at LAPU and elsewhere).


The term "instructor" is used for the faculty member conducting a specific course section. When the catalog refers to an instructor, it means the person who is teaching a specific course. The term does not refer to the person's official title. Instructors are assigned to course sections shortly before the beginning of each session and may be viewed on the Moodle site for the course.


All times of day in the catalog are U.S. Pacific Time (PT) unless otherwise indicated.