Academic Catalog

2023-2024 Edition

SCHM • Supply Chain Management

SCHM 300 · Global Supply Chain Management   3 Credits

Systematic overview and analysis of the core components of supply chain operations across varying types of industries, including the study of financial controls, inventory control, warehousing, transportation, and handling. The cumulative effort of multiple organizations brings the final product to the end user. Students apply theories and practical skills of supply chain management including cost control, quality improvement, and inventory management for the global supply chain.

SCHM 310 · Quality Management   3 Credits

Latest principles for building and implementing quality systems that work throughout a supply chain to minimize quality issues that result in dissatisfied customers. Students learn from thought leaders in the field and explore the principles for building robust, quality systems for the supply chain. Students analyze problems and determine the root cause of disruption or need for improvement. Students propose solutions that encourage sustainable business practices by considering concepts from Lean 6 Sigma and quality management strategies. Students propose solutions that examine the impact on all stakeholders including an evaluation of the cost of quality for nonconformance to customer expectations.

SCHM 320 · Transportation and Distribution Management   3 Credits

Principles for the selection of systems that control transportation costs and reduce inventory, warehousing, and distribution costs. Students examine transportation modes and utilization, logistics regulations, industry trends, distribution, storage, and warehouse optimization.

SCHM 400 · Strategic Warehouse Management   3 Credits

Emphasis on warehousing principles to optimize supply chain management key performance indicators. Students explore lean warehousing principles that eliminate waste in a supply chain system. Students discuss the latest technologies in warehousing for creating a supply chain that achieves operational excellence.

SCHM 410 · Procurement and Strategic Sourcing   3 Credits

Emphasis on the importance of negotiations and contract management. Students examine the role of procurement within the supply chain process as well as the selection, evaluation, and leverage of supplier relationships for the most cost effective, optimal procurement solutions.

SCHM 420 · Consumer Value Ecosystem   3 Credits

Role of the supply chain and various marketing elements to create value for the consumer. Students consider alternatives to achieve supply chain sustainability and apply advanced communication techniques to foster operational success.

SCHM 490 · Supply Chain Management Capstone   3 Credits

In-depth cumulative study of supply chain management strategy and the decision-making processes. Students use the latest literature in supply chain management to analyze case studies and develop solutions to supply chain problems. Advanced topics include digital supply chain transformation, supply chain disruption, risk management, ecosystems, and the implementation of cloud-based business-to-business networks.