Academic Catalog

2022-2023 Edition

DMKT • Digital Marketing

DMKT 300 · Social Media Marketing   3 Credits

Examination of marketing channels and platforms for creating social media presence. Students leverage online tools and apply creative thinking and data analysis skills to develop an integrated, strategic approach to social media marketing.

DMKT 320 · Digital Marketing Analytics   3 Credits

Application of data analytic tools and techniques. Students learn to track and interpret user data as well as evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns and strategies.

DMKT 340 · Mobile Marketing   3 Credits

Examination of mobile marketing techniques for reaching large audiences through instant and text messages, social media, email, and mobile applications. Students acquire the skills necessary to evaluate, develop, and implement mobile marketing strategies and tactics.

DMKT 360 · Consumer Messaging   3 Credits

Application of digital tools used to communicate messaging across multiple channels throughout the customer life cycle. Students acquire the skills necessary to automate marketing processes and workflow and manage customer engagement.

DMKT 380 · Search Engine Optimization   3 Credits

Examination of website structure, basic principles of search engine algorithms, search criteria, and Google search results. Students engage in keyword research and master optimization techniques to increase website traffic, generate leads, and enhance competitive strategy.

DMKT 400 · Consumer Behavior   3 Credits

Study of consumer behavior and decision-making. Students develop a theoretical and practical understanding of consumer behaviors, including topics related to motivation, persuasion, and influence, as well as how consumers form perceptions about a brand, product, or service.

DMKT 420 · Customer Relationship Management   3 Credits

Examination of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, processes, messaging, and organizational needs through a Christian worldview. Students will explore how CRM is used to build and sustain a customer relationship to reach a global audience.

DMKT 440 · Content Creation   3 Credits

Development of skills for creating compelling content for improving customer engagement and brand awareness with a specific emphasis on storytelling. This course prepares students to implement cross-channel messaging that provides seamless customer encounters through blogs, podcasts, email, newsletters, and social media.

DMKT 460 · Brand and Product Management   3 Credits

Examination of branding strategies and tactics of product management. Topics include strategic factors related to product management and product development. This course also investigates the consumer's psychological response to brand equity, brand positioning, and brand promise.

DMKT 490 · Digital Marketing Capstone   3 Credits

Application of real-world knowledge and skills for the development of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy across multiple platforms. Students apply strategies, tactics, and principles to develop a creative, fully integrated, digital marketing strategy.