Academic Catalog

2023-2024 Edition

HMGT • Healthcare Management

HMGT 300 · Healthcare Laws and Regulations   3 Credits

Examination of the principles and practical applications of the laws that affect the operational decisions of healthcare providers, payers, and managers. The course examines the social, moral, and ethical issues associated with healthcare policy decisions and regulations.

HMGT 310 · Healthcare Delivery Systems   3 Credits

Examination of the various components of the U.S. healthcare system over the entire continuum of care with a focus on private and public governmental regulation, and the impact of health policy on key stakeholders. Students explore a broad range of opportunities regarding healthcare career options.

HMGT 320 · Healthcare Financial Management   3 Credits

Examination of healthcare financial management, financial statement analysis, budgeting, and healthcare IT compliance. Students develop practical skills related to financial statement analysis and financial management for solving problems and making decisions that promote ethical stewardship of resources and financial sustainability of healthcare organizations.

HMGT 410 · Healthcare Ethics and Quality Control   3 Credits

Examination of quality improvement systems, ethical principles, and decision-making models related to the healthcare industry. Students analyze quality and ethical issues, apply ethics theories and principles to specific problems, and examine factors that influence quality assurance decisions in the healthcare delivery system.

HMGT 420 · Healthcare Organizational Management   3 Credits

Examination of the day-to-day operations and management of healthcare organizations including hospitals, private practices, ambulatory settings, and specialty services. Students focus on key issues that influence the administration of healthcare organizations.