Academic Catalog

2020-2021 Edition

RLGN • Religion

RLGN 100 · Introduction to Global Religious Studies   3 Credits

This course offers a study of global religious traditions in their cultural and historical contexts. Students critically examine various definitions and methodologies of global religious studies from a confessional Christian perspective. Traditions examined include Judaism, Islam, Eastern Christianity, East Asian, African, South American, and other Indigenous traditions.

Formerly: REL 100.

RLGN 220 · Foundations for Christian Life   3 Credits

Introduction to the historical, theological, and practical foundations for Christian faith and living. Students examine the establishment of the Christian faith from the ancient creeds, through the growth of the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant traditions, to present day, diverse expressions of Christian faith around the world. Students apply concepts of Christian spirituality and core Christian beliefs to contemporary settings in their lives.

Formerly: REL 220.