Academic Catalog

2022-2023 Edition

Associate of Science in Health Sciences

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) for Associate of Science Degree

Graduates of the Associate of Science degree program will be able to:

  • PLO 1: Apply key elements of a Christian worldview to personal and professional values, ethics, and commitments.
  • PLO 2: Articulate contextually informed interpretations of biblical texts through key themes.
  • PLO 3: Demonstrate competency in written and oral communication skills.
  • PLO 4: Apply critical thinking skills through the development of analytical reasoning.
  • PLO 5: Demonstrate competence in quantitative, informational, and visual literacy.
  • PLO 6: Explore the role of diverse ethnic, gender, generational, and socioeconomic backgrounds on human behavior.
  • PLO 7: Develop fundamental lab skills in the areas of anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and chemistry.

The Los Angeles Pacific University Core comprises the General Education requirements and the LAPU Distinctives. Students are encouraged to complete the Core before beginning their major requirements. General Education requirements may be met by transfer work. The LAPU Distinctives are required for all undergraduate degrees at LAPU.

Requirement Title Credits
General Education Requirements25
LAPU Distinctives9
Total Credits34
Requirement Title Credits
English Communication
COMM 105Public Communication3
ENGL 105Introduction to Academic Research and Writing3
ARTS 110Introduction to Art3
PHIL 210Introduction to Ethics3
Quantitative Reasoning
STAT 280Applied Statistics3
Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 105Introduction to Psychology3
Social Sciences
HIST 202World Civilizations3
or HIST 204 U.S. History from 1865
or HIST 420 United States History and the Constitution
Physical and Biological Sciences
CHEM 115Chemistry for Health Sciences/Lab4
Total Credits25

LAPU Distinctives

Requirement Title Credits
BIBL 100Introduction to Biblical Literature: Exodus/Deuteronomy3
BIBL 230Introduction to Biblical Literature: Luke/Acts3
ISTU 101Success in the University 13
Total Credits9

Must be taken at LAPU.


Requirements for the A. S. in Health Sciences

Requirement Title Credits
Core Requirement34
Health Sciences (A.S., 26 credits) 1
BIOL 225Microbiology/Lab4
BIOL 230Anatomy and Physiology I/Lab4
BIOL 240Anatomy and Physiology II/Lab4
PSYC 295Human Growth and Development3
Select three of the following:9
Introduction to Health and Disease (3 credits)
Nutrition and Wellness (3 credits)
U.S. Healthcare Systems (3 credits)
College Algebra (3 credits) 2
Electives 32
Total Credits60

24 credits of Health Science courses complete an Associate of Science degree by preparing students in the areas of science education, leadership, and the healthcare industry.


MATH 125 is included for students who need College Algebra for admission to an RN program.


2 credits of electives offer students the opportunity to explore an area of interest beyond the required coursework.