Academic Catalog

2023-2024 Edition

Requirements for Graduation

To earn a degree from Los Angeles Pacific University, students must complete all required coursework within the specified time limit while maintaining a sufficient grade point average and fulfilling the university’s residency requirements.

Meeting Graduate Degree Requirements

  1. A maximum of 9 graduate-level credits that have been applied to a baccalaureate degree can be applied to graduate degree requirements, except for LAPU programs that utilize both graduate and undergraduate courses.
  2. Undergraduate-level courses may not be applied to graduate degree requirements.
  3. The minimum number of credits for a master’s degree is 30. See individual degree programs for details.
  4. Challenge exams are not acceptable in meeting graduate program requirements.
  5. No grade below a C- is acceptable toward a degree. Specific academic programs may require grades higher than a C- to meet program requirements. 
  6. All graduate coursework must be taken for a letter grade, unless otherwise noted.