Academic Catalog

2023-2024 Edition

Late Work Policy

An assignment or discussion is considered late if it is not posted by the stated deadline. No late work will be accepted for quizzes or exams. A late assignment or discussion will receive a five percent deduction for each 24-hour period it is late, with no credit given for work submitted after 72 hours from the original due date. A late discussion (initial post or peer response post) receives a five percent deduction from the total score for the entire assignment for each day it is late, with a maximum deduction of fifteen percent and no credit given for posts made after the close of the week when the discussion is due (Monday 8 AM PT). No late work is accepted after Friday of Week 8.

Technological issues are not considered acceptable reasons for submitting late work. Students should always back up their work and have a plan for submitting assignments even in the case of computer problems or lost Internet access.

Request for Extension 
Students experiencing life circumstances that impact their studies significantly, such as hospitalization, death in the family, or other types of critical life circumstances, may work with their instructor to submit a request for extension. An approved request for extension waives the late penalty and extends the assignment deadline.

The request for extension is sent in the form of an email to the instructor of the course from the student’s LAPU email account and includes: (1) a rationale for the request (i.e. why the student is not able to submit on time); (2) supporting documentation; and (3) a list of the specific assignments the student is requesting to make up. Such requests and supporting documentation must be submitted within three weeks of the due date of the missed assignment. Requests are typically limited to one week’s worth of assignments. The final decision associated with the assignments and deadlines is at the discretion of the instructor for each individual course. Instructors should maintain a record of the email communication in reference to the approved or denied requests for extension.

Students who miss a discussion assignment do not receive any points for that discussion. However, with approval of a request for extension, students may be given the opportunity to write a 600- to 900-word replacement essay corresponding to a topic assigned by the instructor. Allowance of and performance criteria for such an essay will be at the discretion of the instructor.

Students experiencing life circumstances that extensively disrupt their studies should consult with their success coach to determine whether submitting an Incomplete Grade Petition is appropriate.