Academic Catalog

2019-2020 Edition

Adds and Drops

  1. Students who drop a course before Noon PT on Friday of Week 1 will be issued a full refund for the course.
  2. Students who do not submit an assignment by 8 AM PT Wednesday of Week 2 are administratively dropped and refunded 100 percent.
  3. Students may add courses up until Noon PT on Friday of Week 1. However, students are responsible for meeting the assigned due dates for all course work and are subject to the LAPU Late Work Policy.
  4. Students who withdraw after Noon PT on Friday of Week 1 will receive no refund and a W grade is issued. All students are subject to a proration of federal financial aid per the regulations for all federal aid. Withdrawal requests will be processed on the date received through 8 AM PT Monday of Week 6.
  5. Students requesting a drop after Noon PT on Friday Week 1 must submit a General Petition requesting to do so by Noon PT on Friday of Week 3 and all supporting documentation must be received by Noon PT on Friday of Week 7. Such petitions will only be considered due to extenuating circumstances and may result in the delay of financial aid disbursement. Late drop petitions will be processed by the end of the same session.