Academic Catalog

2023-2024 Edition


Grades are based on the cumulative score of summative assessments for a course, which may include discussions, written assignments, projects, and examinations. Rounding applies to the cumulative score to determine the final grade (i.e., .00 - .49 rounds down and .50 - .99 rounds up). In all courses, except those designated as credit/no credit, scholarship is ranked as follows: A, exceptional; B, superior; C, average; D, poor; F, failure; IN, incomplete; and W, withdrawal. Grade type (A–F versus credit/no credit) cannot change unless an official course change has been approved by the university prior to the course being offered for a particular session. Credit values for a course cannot be changed from the published values.

For each credit in which the student is enrolled, points are awarded according to the grade earned as follows:

Grade Points
A 4.0 points
A- 3.7 points
B+ 3.3 points
B 3.0 points
B- 2.7 points
C+ 2.3 points
C 2.0 points
C- 1.7 points
D+ 1.3 points
D 1.0 point
D- 0.7 points
F 0 points
FN (Not attended) 0 points
IP (In progress) N.A.
CR (Credit) N.A.
NC (No Credit) N.A.
W (Withdrawal) N.A.
IN (Incomplete) N.A.

Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 GPA, and have no more than three grades below a B- in the program.

Grade of CR or NC

The grades of CR and NC are not calculated into the GPA. The grade of CR indicates achievement equivalent to at least a grade of B- in a graduate-level course. The grade of NC is not a passing grade.
All transfer work transcripted after December 31, 2020 is recorded with a grade of CR.

Grade of D+, D, or D-

Grades of D+, D, and D- are passing grades but are not acceptable for program graduation requirements and must be repeated.

Grade of FN

FN is a failing grade that indicates that the student stopped participating in the course. For students who have not attempted at least 50% of the coursework (based on the total possible points) and who also after week 5 have not submitted an assignment or discussion forum post, the appropriate timestamp from the last submission will be used to determine the last date of participation and the student will receive an FN grade, which could impact financial aid for the current semester.

Grade of IN

The grade Incomplete (IN) may be granted only under special circumstances such as a verifiable serious illness, provided at least 50% of the coursework (based on the total possible points) has been completed. To request a grade of IN, the student must complete an official Incomplete Grade Petition available in Student Services, and submit it by 11:59 PM PT on Wednesday of week 8. The petition may be approved and a grade of IN issued upon recommendation of the instructor and permission of the assistant dean. Students may be given up to four weeks from the final date of the course to complete remaining assignments. Incomplete coursework not made up within the allotted period will not be counted toward the final grade.