Academic Catalog

2019-2020 Edition

LEAD • Leadership

LEAD 320 · Theory and Practice of Leadership   3 Credits

An evaluative review of the major theories and practices of leadership studies, which include leaders in various sectors. Students explore the history, structure, behavior, development, and dynamics of successful and aberrant leaders.

Students cannot earn credit for both LEAD 320 and MGT 460.

LEAD 330 · Managerial Finance   3 Credits

This course provides leaders with essential financial knowledge to aid in the strategic decision-making process. Leaders develop the skills necessary to set long and short-term financial goals and metrics to measure the financial success and health of an organization. Leaders learn how to utilize standard financial ratios and financial statement analysis to set the financial course for an organization.

Students cannot earn credit for both LEAD 330 and MGT 320.

LEAD 350 · International Management   3 Credits

This course examines the process of international business management and evaluates political, legal, and governmental risks. Leaders study the role of culture in managing people across cultures and analyze the impact of strategic alliances and partnerships on the organization.

LEAD 360 · Leadership Ethics   3 Credits

Examines ethical frameworks and their application to organizational leadership situations, as well as to personal leadership decisions. Topics such as servant leadership, utilitarianism, Kant’s categorical imperative, and other theories are discussed, as well as corporate social responsibility, employer-employee relations, product safety, etc.

LEAD 365 · Organizational Analysis   3 Credits

This course analyzes the organization in relation to competitors in the global industry. Leaders evaluate the driving forces of the industry and develop key strategies to provide the organization with a competitive advantage. Leaders forecast technological and environmental changes and implement initiates enabling organizations to positively leverage the changes.

LEAD 370 · Cross-Cultural Communication   3 Credits

This course examines the theories and practices of cross-cultural communication and how leaders motivate individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole to accomplish the mission and vision of the organization. Leaders design and implement corporate wide strategic communications initiates taking into account the various cultural distinctions.

LEAD 400 · Organizational Development and Innovation   3 Credits

An introduction and analysis of organizational development and change factors. Restructuring organizations, human resource management interventions, diagnostics, interpersonal and group processes, and transformational change are explicated.

LEAD 420 · Human Resource Strategy   3 Credits

This course introduces adult students to many of the key components of human resources (HR) in organizations, such as workforce planning, recruitment, selection, staffing, performance evaluation, training, compensation, and other issues. The leader’s perspective in relation to HR functions is the primary focus in this course.

LEAD 440 · Emotional Intelligence and Leaders   3 Credits

Social interaction processes and human behavior is studied from the concept of emotional intelligence, as it focuses on intrapersonal and interpersonal attributes of the leader. The positive juxtaposition of authentic leadership, emotional intelligence, and emotional contagion are explored as well.