Academic Catalog

2019-2020 Edition

BIO • Biology

BIO 225 · Microbiology/Lab   4 Credits

Fundamental microbiological principles and laboratory techniques. The course focuses on disease-causing microorganisms, new and old methods of disease treatment and prevention, and host immune responses. Students demonstrate an understanding of these principles through a variety of lab experiments.

Prerequisite: BIO 230 or BIO 240. Lecture, 3 credits; Lab 1 credit.

BIO 230 · Anatomy and Physiology I/Lab   4 Credits

A systematic exploration of the integration of structure and functions of the human body for students pursuing careers as healthcare professionals. The anatomy and physiology of the integumentary, skeletal, nervous and muscular systems are topics that this course covers.

Lecture, 3 credits; Lab 1 credit.

BIO 240 · Anatomy and Physiology II/Lab   4 Credits

Continuation of study of body systems started in BIO 230 including the study of the endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems. This course includes both lecture and laboratory components and is intended for nursing and allied health students requiring a two-semester anatomy and physiology sequence.

Prerequisite: BIO 230. Lecture, 3 credits; Lab 1 credit.