Academic Catalog

2019-2020 Edition

ART • Art

ART 110 · Introduction to Art   3 Credits

This course introduces students to the visual arts and architecture of various times and cultures with a focus on interpretation and meaning-making, consideration of the role of visual arts in building and responding to culture. Students develop a deeper understanding of the history, forms, and styles of art and architecture with the aim of expanding students’ personal awareness of art and themselves.

ART 400 · Visual Arts for the Elementary Teacher   3 Credits

Examination of visual arts, and its role in an elementary school classroom. Emphasizes the value of creative expression, and focuses on developing artistic literacy. Candidates learn how to create and respond to the visual arts, and how to integrate the arts into other academic disciplines.

ART 410 · Performing Arts for the Elementary Teacher   3 Credits

Exploration of the performing arts (including music, drama, and dance) and their importance in elementary school classrooms. The course emphasizes foundational concepts of music, movement, and drama and the integration of these concepts into any age classroom.