Academic Catalog

2023-2024 Edition


When entering into partnerships with partners that are not accredited schools in the US, LAPU retains sole responsibility for the following:

Outreach, Recruitment, Admission, and Enrollment     

  • Establishing the admissions criteria for students.
  • Making exceptions to admissions requirements.
  • Making final admissions decisions.

Course Development, Pedagogy, and Instruction     

  • Establishing degree programs, degree level, student learning outcomes, course objectives, and number of credits.
  • Reviewing and approving course content and program curriculum.
  • Conducting institution-mandated program review.
  • Awarding credit for prior or experiential learning.
  • Awarding and recording of academic credit and credentials.
  • Assessment of student learning (defining outcomes, analyzing and interpreting evidence, using information for improvement).
  • Assigning grades.

Academic Support and Student Services

  • Maintaining records of student performance.
  • Conducting degree audit (for LAPU degree-seeking students).
  • Deciding to retain or dismiss students.
  • Handling appeals and exceptions to academic policies and requirements.

Faculty Recruitment and Appointment

  • Selecting, approving, and appointing instructors.
  • Evaluating course instructors.

Active Partnerships

Tabor College (Australia)

Through a partnership with Tabor College, LAPU offers MAOL courses to Tabor graduate students. Except as related to the responsibilities listed above as retained by LAPU, students are to work directly with their representative at Tabor College. 

Tabor students are directed to submit queries regarding all things related to digital learning, library, enrollment, and all technology to the Tabor help desk and queries regarding academic support to the Tabor academic help desk.