Academic Catalog

2023-2024 Edition

XEDU • Education

XEDU 510 · Creating Learning Experiences   3 Credits

Creating learning experiences to support learner acquisition, application, and creation of knowledge. Learners develop instructional design skills related to designing instructional and non-instructional interventions, learning assessments, and practically applying instructional design theory to organizational needs.

XEDU 520 · Organizational Development   3 Credits

Applying talent development and performance improvement strategies to support organizational improvement efforts. Learners develop knowledge and skills in designing learning and training to help learners perform within their organizational roles and responsibilities to best meet organizational goals.

XEDU 530 · Legal, Professional, and Ethical Behavior   3 Credits

Examination of laws, standards, and ethics relating to the education of learners. Learners develop an increased awareness and maintenance of integrity, laws, and other professional standards that influence human learning, talent development, and organizational learning culture.

XEDU 540 · Learning Delivery and Facilitation   3 Credits

Examination of facilitation methods and techniques for active engagement with learners. Learners develop practical skills related to diverse, effective teaching and learning strategies for a range of delivery modalities, including facilitator-led, online, and self-paced learning.

XEDU 550 · Instructional Development and Technology   3 Credits

Integrating technology to create learning spaces and materials to support student acquisition, application, and creation of knowledge. learners apply accessibility, message design, and graphic design principles to create effective, technology-based learning assets.

XEDU 560 · Knowledge Management   3 Credits

Exploration of systematic processes and management of intellectual capital and organizational knowledge. Learners gain practical knowledge and skills in using and managing knowledge management tools and systems to facilitate access, archiving, retrieval, and reuse a variety of learning objects and instructional resources.

XEDU 570 · Career and Leadership Development   3 Credits

Building professional skills and capabilities for instructional design career and leadership development and advancement. Learners develop practical knowledge and skills that support professional goals and advancement within the learning and training industry, including relationship building, effective communication, collaboration, and exploration of career opportunities.

XEDU 580 · Learning Analytics   3 Credits

Evaluating effort, effectiveness, and impact of learning experience using qualitative and quantitative methods. Learners develop skills related to data collection, analysis, and interpretation that support and inform instructional design decisions.

XEDU 590 · Methods of Professional Inquiry   3 Credits

Engaging in scholarship focused on instructional design theory, principles, and effective practices in order to contribute to the instructional design field and professional development goals. Learners apply research principles and methodology to engage in scholarship of learning, application, practice, and utilization that supports and informs the instructional designers within their work setting.

XEDU 610 · Capstone Project   3 Credits

Planning and managing an instructional design project resulting in the development of an ePortfolio. Learners apply gained instructional design knowledge and skills to the creation of an ePortfolio that integrates originally created or redesigned instructional artifacts supporting the learner’s demonstration of technical, management, and professional development skills.